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..Do I keep commiting myself to things that don't empower me or fully satisfy my needs simply because they meet an immediate and seemingly urgent need? Or do I just throw caution to the wind and stick to my guns - those guns being purpose, integrity, self respect - and risk not having those immediate needs met? 

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    I'm known to compliment and criticize in the same breath. It's confusing for some and I can understand their frustration - it's the myth of good and bad. We are taught that there are good people and bad people (not people with good and bad qualities, who make both good and bad decisions). We are taught that good things happen and bad things happen, when in reality your bad fortune is another person's good fortune. If you lose money in the street someone finds money in the street. It is a seemingly more complex way of looking at...

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  I've always liked the idea of being a Hero, but deep down I always knew I was a Villain. Villains are the more colorful characters in a story. In a sense, Villains guide and direct the story, largely because Heroes are one dimensional and understandable while Villains are much more complex. In reality, it has never been Good versus Evil. What it is is that Villains are agents of Justice, while Heroes are agents of Mercy. Heroes often lead double lives, and live in disguise in hopes of being an accepted member of the very society that would reject...

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