The Myth Of Good and Bad.

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The Myth Of Good and Bad.



I'm known to compliment and criticize in the same breath. It's confusing for some and I can understand their frustration - it's the myth of good and bad. We are taught that there are good people and bad people (not people with good and bad qualities, who make both good and bad decisions). We are taught that good things happen and bad things happen, when in reality your bad fortune is another person's good fortune. If you lose money in the street someone finds money in the street. It is a seemingly more complex way of looking at life. It requires that we look at things completely.

 Through my experiences I've learned to take the good with the bad. In my most depressed moments I had to remind myself that nothing was all bad, and that I should look for the opportunities and positives. In my times of manic idealism (or just plain spontaneity) I had to remind myself that nothing was all good, and that it was best I look closer and identify the possible risks or negatives. What it taught me was  that at any given moment, nothing was all good or bad. Things just are, however, with preference, desire, and opinion we can each explore perspectives of positive and negative.

In all truth, things are either helpful or unhelpful. 



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