Anyone who knows Jaime Lee Lewis will describe him as a man with above average talent. His ability to communicate the human experience in poem, and entrance audiences with his commanding voice, awarded him the reputation of being a world class performer and recording artist.


An influential figure on New York City’s early 2000s Downtown Art scene, Jaime Lee Lewis created safe inclusive spaces for young marginalized creatives at a time where there were none. Many attendees of his iconic cultural events went on to become well known artists and entertainers garnering large audiences of their own.


A defining element of Jaime Lee Lewis’ life and persona is his relationship with women. Memoirs of romantic encounters, betrayal, lust, and seduction, crescendo into sobering life lessons, taking listeners beyond the traditional narrative of a ladies man and into the mind of a modern gentleman on a search for lasting companionship.


Jaime Lee Lewis’ poetry centers on love, relationships, and healing. He believes that these are each native to all human beings, and serve as a reminder of our shared experiences. Jaime has found purpose in bringing people from all walks of life together, with poems.