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Something is not better than nothing. Something does not imply something good, that is best for you, beneficial or empowering. Something can be something bad, something limiting, distracting, or detrimental to you or your self esteem. Everytime you allow yourself to rest in an unideal situation you condition the mind to identify that situation as your new normal; and the mind begins to adapt. Rebuilding your self-esteem after allowing yourself to experience less than you deserve - without putting up a fight - is one of the hardest tasks we will ever undergo as humans. Not only would you have...

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    Often enough, women curve me for not wanting to jump into a relationship, then they get with a [insert urban expletive for miscellaneous guy] who derails their life. If I don't enter a serious relationship with you it isn't because I don't love you, it's because I can see that you're not as ready for one as you think you are. A person that knowingly offers you something you are not prepared for doesn't care about you. A lot of men and women get into relationships because they want to be loved. When you understand that being loved...

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