Communication. Connection. Community.

Today creative writing classes are everywhere. What isn’t everywhere is a teacher like Jaime Lee Lewis, who has a distinct philosophy and holistic approach that informs the signature educational experience he offers. 

His mission is to prepare students of all ages for success in their careers and personal lives, using creative writing as a tool for professional and individual growth.

By attending his online writing classes you will become better at 

  • communicating your ideas
  • expressing your emotions
  • connecting with an audience

His confidence is backed by 10 years of working as a creative writing educator in the New York City charter school system, as well as working with respected institutions like Brooklyn Public Library and Winter Park Library, offering special creative writing programming. 

For enrollment, or more information, Send an email or text.

347 470 0735

Past clients

Services include talent, workshop facilitation, copywriting, and event curation.