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  The Nike ad featuring Colin Kaepernick was not a win for the Black community nor did it directly address the issue of police brutality. A day after the unveiling of the brilliant Nike Ad, Botham Jean, an unarmed Black man is killed in his own home, murder mystery style, and Justice for his family and community is still pending - per usual. While members of the Black community scramble to find Justice for yet another slain, Nike proudly announces a 10 percent rise in revenue to $9.95 billion and a 15 percent jump in profit to $1.1 billion in...

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Something is not better than nothing. Something does not imply something good, that is best for you, beneficial or empowering. Something can be something bad, something limiting, distracting, or detrimental to you or your self esteem. Everytime you allow yourself to rest in an unideal situation you condition the mind to identify that situation as your new normal; and the mind begins to adapt. Rebuilding your self-esteem after allowing yourself to experience less than you deserve - without putting up a fight - is one of the hardest tasks we will ever undergo as humans. Not only would you have...

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The issue of Kanye-Trump is that we as a people hate White Supremacists but we love the luxuries of White Supremacy. For Kanye West to side with a White man who promotes the White Supremacist agenda is fair reason to generate backlash from the Black community, understandably. However, misogynistic lyrics including the (at one time) constant public shaming of his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose; the large glorification of Victorian aesthetics throughout much of his Art Direction; his disproportionate celebration of women of lighter hue (note, Kanye's only publicized relationships where with women of lighter skin, while his darker girlfriends of earlier...

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