Something Is Not Better Than Nothing

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Something Is Not Better Than Nothing

Something is not better than nothing. Something does not imply something good, that is best for you, beneficial or empowering. Something can be something bad, something limiting, distracting, or detrimental to you or your self esteem.

Everytime you allow yourself to rest in an unideal situation you condition the mind to identify that situation as your new normal; and the mind begins to adapt.

Rebuilding your self-esteem after allowing yourself to experience less than you deserve - without putting up a fight - is one of the hardest tasks we will ever undergo as humans. Not only would you have programmed your mind to accept less than your desire, you will have also weakend your belief in your own ability to create better situations for yourself.

If I find myself in an unideal situation, I accept that I am there at the moment, but I immediately begin cultivating new and better opportunities for myself. It's the difference between hanging from a vine and swinging from a vine. I always have options. My power is in my ability to respond to the situation and not simply survive in it.


- Jaime

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