Love: The Constant Call For Evolution.

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Love: The Constant Call For Evolution.



Often enough, women curve me for not wanting to jump into a relationship, then they get with a [insert urban expletive for miscellaneous guy] who derails their life. If I don't enter a serious relationship with you it isn't because I don't love you, it's because I can see that you're not as ready for one as you think you are. A person that knowingly offers you something you are not prepared for doesn't care about you.

A lot of men and women get into relationships because they want to be loved. When you understand that being loved and being in a relationship are not synonymous it changes your outlook, and approach, as well as your willingness to sacrifice so much of your energy, safety, future, and freedom to meet what is a very human need.

I know it sounds controversial but the only thing human relationships require is understanding. Understanding what you need, and what you can give; what you are willing to invest and what you are willing to sacrifice. This understanding comes only through clear communication; not just verbalizing your desires, but also, listening and observing the words and actions of the person you seek to create an understanding with.

More importantly, many people are just underdeveloped, emotionally, intellectually, financially, spiritually. We become developed physically and think physicality will take us the distance of "till death do us part". Sometimes it takes a little more time - or even a lot more time. But to lock yourself into committed situations that don't allow you to continue to develop these other areas of your life is self devastating.

I've seen it happen all too often. I still see it happen. Ultimately, I believe it's time that society updates its dating structure to meet the needs of modern day goals and challenges. The days of your Grandparent's coveted marriage is coming to a close. Today we are striving for things they weren't striving for. We have options, goals, information, traumas, obstacles, and debt they didn't have - which is natural. That's why Evolution is a thing.

These days more than ever I believe relationships will begin to require more innovation and willingness to adapt.



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