MAY 2019: It's Go Time!

MAY 2019: It's Go Time!

It's May - already. Spring is in full swing, and Summer is quickly approaching. It doesn't take a spiritually inclined person to realize that time isn't waiting, in fact, it's moving quickly. This means that there's no time to wait. The word of this month is "Go". This is the month of action.

There is no space for hesitation this month. Hesitation will mean missed opportunity. If you are feeling uncertainty, or if this raises feelings of anxiety, recall the fact that you've been preparing and have been prepared for this very moment. You are ready.

Consider the commercial plane. It takes anywhere from one to two hours to prepare the plane for take off. Things from wind speeds, air temperatures, aircraft weight, field altitude, and air density are all taken into calculation. After this it takes 30 - 35 seconds to go from throttle-up to, wheels off the runway, flight. This month, May, is your 30 - 35 seconds. So, be ready to leave the runway, turn your throttle up, and take flight.



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