Doubt: The Weed In Your Garden

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Doubt: The Weed In Your Garden


Faith is the crops, Doubt is the weeds.

Think about that for a moment. That is an interesting and powerful metaphor which depicts what I would now like to call our mental agriculture. Your faith is your crop; the idea you seek to manifest. Your doubt is your weed; the idea which threatens the growth of that which you seek to manifest.

This is more than a metaphor, this is Nature speaking directly to us. A weed is not a specific plant, just as a doubt is not a specific thought. A weed--as defined by wikipedia--is a plant considered undesirable in a particular situation, just as a doubt is a thought considered undesirable in a particular situation.

Weeds interfere by:

1) competing with the desired plants for the resources a plant typically needs to grow.

2) by providing hosts for plant pathogens (disease), giving them greater opportunity to infect and degrade the quality of the desired plants.

3) Providing food or shelter for animal pests that otherwise could not have survived seasonal shortages.

4) by offering irritation to the skin or digestive tracts of people or animals, either physical irritation via thorns and prickles or chemical irritation via natural poisons or irritants in the weed itself.

5) by causing root damage to engineering works such as drains, road surfaces, and foundations, blocking streams and other water sources.
Sound familiar? Right. It sounds exactly like what doubt has been doing in your life: sucking the life right out of your visions and goals, making you susceptible to sickness, keeping the wrong people comfortable in your life, giving you rashes and stomach aches, and blocking all the areas of your life that give you life. Weeds don't need much to grow, and neither do doubts.
Keep-doubt-out. However, keep in mind everything in life serves a purpose. Weeds actually strengthen the soil, and break up the soil, making it easier to propagate. Also, the type of weed that grows let's the farmer know what the soil is lacking. That said, take a moment to get acquainted with the weeds that are growing in your garden; listen to them as they reveal what you are lacking at this moment. And then....get rid of them.


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