APRIL 2019: The Month Of Imagination

APRIL 2019: The Month Of Imagination



If you've made it this far it means you survived Winter. Maybe your Winter was marked by cold weather, or maybe by an unbearable situation; the good news is that it's over. Brighter days are ahead.


On the other side of things, Winter isn't synonymous with bad experiences for everyone. For some, the ending in the immediate horizon isn't good news at all. But I have great news, brighter days are (still) ahead - yes, even for you too.


Spring is a fertile season. Life energy is in creative mode, and is therefore most susceptible to our ideas, visions, and imaginings. Just as the flowers begin to blossom, so do we. In nature, during this time, pollen is high [which is symbolic]. Pollination is how plants reproduce, leading to the bouquets of flowers we enjoy in warmer seasons.


Be mindful of the fact that grains of pollen have no limbs, and rely on the wind, birds, and insects to assist them on their journey to the stigma (the female part of the plant that receives and fertilizes the pollen).


Much like pollen, your thoughts and ideas are seeds of realization. Your ideas having no limbs of their own will be helped along by unseen forces (wind), smaller but highly supportive figures in your life (insects), as well as those above you in experience and ability to maneuver (birds).


I encourage you to envision deeply in this time. Do what you must to become clear on your desires. Specify your intentions. Speak them. Write them down and post them up around your home and personal spaces. Identify your “stigma” and  pollinate your environment.


I dare you to imagine.



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