A Lineage Of Public Lynchings

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A Lineage Of Public Lynchings



On Monday, June 18th, XXX Tentacion is shot in Miami Florida. A person, if not people, in the surrounding area takes out their phone, but they don't call the police. No, they walk closer to the dying body, to record 15-60 seconds worth of spectacle for social media - for all to see.


The lifeless Black body has long been sensationalized amongst American audiences, for generations. Growing up I often wondered who those heartless people were, who angled their cameras at the brown corpses decorating Southern trees like holiday ornaments. Years later I have my answer. Those images of public lynchings were taken by people no different than the ones who inhabit the present day society I currently live in; no less cowardly, no less savage, and certainly just as pathetic.

The saving grace of social media is that it has triumphantly shattered the illusion of social progress. In our fashion, the hamster runs, making strides on a wheel within a cage, never realizing the many times it has already come full circle.



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